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Better altcoin to invest?

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  • im with deeponion since early october and i have no doubt on it!,deeponion have the strongest altcoin community i have ever seen!,over 2000 pages on bitcointalk !
    if u have missed bitcoin u wont miss deeponion now!the price now already increased up to 2$.
    Jay · 2 0
  • Deeponion, best project so far, still cheap to buy around 1$, other coins getting too expensive, also deeponion has many good ideas still to be seen, so about the previous comment etherium for sure, go in deep onion with just 1 etheruim less. :D
    Igor · 1 0
  • It’s simple!

    DeepOnion. This coin have a big future, because the devs works hard, in next time implementing some new features (deepsend, votecentral). And this coin have a very big community! At the moment you can stake this coin with 10 % reward. And take a look of the free airdrop. I think at the moment it’s good investment
    ams · 1 1
  • DeepOnion has good development paths. and this is important for any project. The growing community stimulates the growth of coins and interest in the project as a whole.
    Иван · 6 1
  • I would recommend investing in DeepOnion. DeepOnion is growing rapidly the development team behind it is very active and friendly.
    Danial · 7 5
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