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  • Just had a job interview. The hiring manager told me she picked the 10 best resumes out of 50.?

    Best answer: impossible to have a 1 in 10 possibility of being chosen SO - be sure to not miss the phone call
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  • What should I put on my resume if I have no job experiences?

    I'm 24.I unfortunately dropped out of school and have no job experiences so are there any jobs out there for people like me?
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  • Why do contractors prefer cash over credit card?

    Chimney guy told me it would be $5,500 for the job. I told him I would pay cash and he said it would only be $4,700. Is this because he wouldn't get charged fee for charging a credit card and/or is it because if it is a cash deal, he doesn't technically have to report it, hence doesn't have to pay any taxes on it? Thanks
    23 answers 1 day ago Credit
  • How long a credit card allows just the minimum payment to be payed.?

    13 answers 2 days ago Credit
  • Can a visa prepaid card be used to pay a mastercard credit card bill?

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  • Anyone know what a rooming house is? How can I manage to survive or be ok and safe in one?

    I have a slumlord , she places people in her homes who get ssi and ssa benefits from the government , multiple personalities stay is set homes , its scary , she has all mental illnesses in her homes , she does things like placing in mentally ill person with whoever , she also does not care at all about any tenants wellbeing , she places drug attics with other drug attics , she might do something crazy like place a drug attic with a person who is well enough and trying to do better , she also accepts offenders and sex offenders into her homes as well and drug dealers , this woman has been doing this for years and has not got stopped or busted yet at all , the cops and the city keep giving her second chances , I have lost food , money and the stuff I need because of other tenants and I cont even keep my personal belongings to myself without someone bothering or harassing me because they are either broke or have spent all their money on drugs , I am sick and tired of this spit and I do not know what to do anymore , and btw ive already tried reaching out to authority , and the **** comes right back on me no way out and sees still getting my money for rent , I struggle hard enough , currently unemployed ,scared and nervous but willing to work and change location and do better , how can I get out of this ? Its been way to long now .
    7 answers 20 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • What's the best way to improve your interview skills if you get nervous?

    I just recently had an interview that didn't go well but for first time I got feedback after an interview because the H.R person so I looked nervous and my eyes were looking all over the place also I am a quiet person most of the time so if you could give me some advice that will help me with future interviews that would be great.
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  • Poll: What do you refuse to pay for?

    41 answers 3 days ago Personal Finance
  • Is the tenant responsible for painting a rental unit?

    When my wife and I moved into our rental home some 12+ years ago the place was broom swept and the walls painted. Over the years the house has changed owners and gone through several different management companies. I recently inquired with our current management company about possibly coming in and doing a cleaning and painting since it hasn't been painted in at least 12+ years and the management company replied to me saying that painting a rental unit is the responsibility of the tenant? I fail to believe that is true. I pay rent and you manage the upkeep. How often is a rental unit supposed to be painted or just given a deep cleaning and is it the responsibility of the tenant to pay for that?
    33 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Is base salary after or before taxes?

    21 answers 1 day ago United States
  • Can you work 15 hours a day?

    Can you work more than 12 hours per day?
    19 answers 1 day ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • What Do People Do?

    (I'm not in this situation. This is merely a case scenario) If there's someone who is working part time and is off their parents insurance but can't get anything more than part time because their work experience isn't very high what do they do for insurance? People are so quick to judge. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone can work full time. So what happens to them? I hear go for Medicaid. But what if that person isn't sick, disabled or "god forbid" their asset limit is over $2000. Then they wouldn't qualify for Medicaid until they spent their $2000 savings. Which is kind of sickening don't you agree? People who want Medicaid because their resource limit is too high can't even have a savings more than $2,000. What if that struggling person was looking to start a business, save for a down payment for a small home? They would be forced to go without. Wouldn't the most sensible thing to do - just pay the fine based on your income? Its exactly what I would do and I don't blame them. So how was obamacare a good thing?
    7 answers 1 day ago Insurance
  • Should I charge the lodgers girlfriend rent?

    My lodger has had a girlfriend for a few weeks. He asked if she could stay for a night and I said ok as it was just once. Now she is here every day and over the weekend so should I charge her rent or just double the lodgers rent?
    12 answers 11 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • I have 4,000. I owe 8000 in debt, and 98,000 in college loans. I also owe 4500 on my car, and 800 on my bed. Should I file bankruptcy?

    11 answers 7 hours ago Personal Finance
  • Do you need to have a bank account in order to get a job? Like, if I were to work and get paid..Do I really need a bank account?

    I'm trying to get a job but I don't want to open a bank account. Does it really matter if I have a bank account or not? Can I still get pay checks even without a bank account? Does most jobs require workers to have back accounts or is it just only necessary if you want direct deposit? Do jobs ask for bank account information? {I've worked before but never needed a bank account because it was through a family company and they would pay me in cash only. So, I still don't want a bank account. I don't trust bank accounts.}
    17 answers 2 days ago Personal Finance
  • My private Calif. Kasier health insurance starts Jan.1, 2018. What date(and how)can I end the insurance on good terms?I will reapply in 2022?

    I bought California Kaiser insurance for 2018 year.I bought the plan directly through kaiser. I will not get government subsidies. I did not want the subsidies. I want Kaiser health insurance for the whole year of 2018. I will probably buy Kasier health insurance again in 2022. questions 1. How long do I need to keep my (2018) Kaiser insurance, so I could apply for Kaiser inusrance again in 2022? 2. Do I need to keep my Kaiser 2018 insurance for at least one year before the insurance expires? 3.Basically I want to leave Kasier on good terms,because I want to purchase health insurance from them (Kaiser) again in 2022. How long do I need to keep my insurance with them (Kasier--starting Jan. 1,2018), so I could leave on good terms with them (Kasier)? 4. When (what date(s)) can I leave Kasier on good terms? and how would I do it? explain
    7 answers 2 days ago Insurance
  • Am I selfish or am I right for this?

    I am a 19 year old working at a store that pays me a decent amount of money above minimum wage but I have a friends that keep asking for money. Like people are asking me for 200 dollars and I look at them like they’re crazy. I don’t have any financial responsibilities, I live with my parents and go to junior on a full ride and get around public transit for free due to the school I go to having a fare card waiver. So no financial responsibility or obligation. All my paychecks are being direct deposited into my savings account and that money would be saved and invested in my future when I have a family I’ll be working but I’ll also have sur plus or extra money from savings. It’s always good to have a bunch of extra money, it’s better than having less money than what you need. One of my friends has a child and lost her job and is struggling to pay rent this month and she asked for 300, but I couldn’t help her cuz I need the money I work hard for toward my future so I don’t ever have to be in a situation where I can’t pay a bill. Another one of my friends gets mad when he asks for money and people don’t give it to him so he calls them selfish. People don’t owe you s**t. I’m working to benefit me and make sure I’m never poor and that’s what a lot of my friends don’t respect. I need a new circle of friends who are more financially stable just so I don’t receive text asking for hundreds of dollars. I may come off selfish but I gotta save my own a$$.
    14 answers 1 day ago Personal Finance
  • How do I get a full-time job?

    I'm 19, just graduated high school last year and I'm sort of stuck. I have a part time job (even finding that was difficult) but I'm not making enough money. I've been searching and searching but the only full time jobs I can find are those that require Class B licenses with endorsements, traveling up to 10 miles away (I have no car and public transport is bad), or require some qualification I cannot easily obtain. Where can I find one?
    13 answers 1 day ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • How many times have you moved house/home..?

    Best answer: I always wanted to live in Spain. Especially in the glorious city of Moraira. I have relatives in this city. My parents and I moved 5 times.Our roots from there. I went there often to them. Recently looked apartments for sale in Moraira for moving there. I think that during the next year I will move there. I really miss my grandparents. That's my little dream :))) I hope this will be my last move
    20 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Just got a call saying we won a trip to Florida but we have to pay 500 dollars for fees and 10-15/night taxes for hotel.?

    They also mentioned we have to take a 90 min tour down there and asked if we make over 40k/year combined Income. I used my fraud protection card for the charge. Is this a scam ? How do you know what a real winning trip is vs fraud trip? With my card I can just call up and say it's not my bill and they give me new card and I won't have to pay.
    15 answers 2 days ago Credit