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  • Would you break up with someone via text message?

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  • Does it cost you anything to be nice?

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  • Do you feel obligated to help others?

    Best answer: Yes I do...there are some people in this world who are less fortunate than myself...
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  • Why don't you help a homeless this Christmas?

    Best answer: Most homeless people are a greater threat to themselves than anyone else.
    At one time they could wonder off into the woods and live of the land and do so successfully, we called them pioneers in the past.
    Presently find a piece of land that someone doesn't have their name on and a place were the building code will let you build a ramshackle shack to live in , seems you can only do that in the third world, hence many sleep on the streets.
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  • Are you a nasty person?

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  • Do you think it's rude to ask someone if they're a virgin?

    18 answers
  • How do you respond to someone who says "I don't like you"?

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  • Do you take “buddy” and “sweetheart”as offensive?

    Best answer: Don't let the lunatic fringe ruin your day or your conversation.
    14 answers
  • If you're staying with someone as a guest (distant relatives, boyfriends family etc) is it acceptable to have a shower without asking them.?

    And is it okay to help yourself to water from their kitchen or to make yourself a snack? Surely they won't expect you to starve and be dirty during the stay?
    21 answers
  • If you feel a waiter is being creepy...??

    Do you still tip them? Is it okay to not tip them? I went out with my friends tonight and the waiter sat down at our table (while we were waiting for our other friend to show up) and started talking to us and ended up touching the water he brought out for our friend who was coming later (like putting a straw in it and squeezing and putting the lemon in it.) but when she did come in, he did get rid of that water. However, we still thought he was acting very unprofessional. On top of this, he was hitting on the friend who came in late. He didn’t say anything that was considered vulgar but we were uncomfortable. But he did get our food right. At the time, we were trying to get out early because we felt uncomfortable and I never left a tip. My one friend gave him a dollar and my two other friends didn’t give him anything either. In the moment I wasn’t thinking too much of it, but right now I feel bad. I have never in my life not tipped a waiter/waitress.and I especially feel bad because he did not mess up our orders. He was just creepy and made us uncomfortable to the point where we wanted to leave early. I still feel really bad. I should have at least given him something. I don’t really know if I even really have question here I guess I’m just asking for what your thoughts are on this and I just wanted to let it all out because I feel bad about it
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  • Why do Americans break normal polite table etiquette when eating? Americans use the fork in the right hand instead of the left.?

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  • Are Parisians rude or just blunt ? I couldn't tell?

    I can speak both English and French because I had lived in Quebec for a few years. Anyways this past summer I traveled to Paris for the first time and I noticed how different the people act around here. When I came in to the hotel there was a Frenchman in front of me trying to check in , however the credit card machine was down and thus he could not pay with his card. The clerk said "My sincerest apology sir, the credit card machine is down", the Frenchman sarcastically replied "Oh no worries I'm very aware of all the hardships around here". I just chuckled and did not think too much of it. The next day I went into a cafe to buy lunch and the French lady waiting for her food impatiently said "do you want me to come for my food tomorrow?" to which the worker said "Oh no of course not im sorry i will hurry up with your food" and the lady said "then hurry up i don't have all day". I was fairly certain she was just being rude to the worker.. however everyone in the cafe who heard it didn't even act as if anything out of the ordinary had just occurred. Are french people just blunt or rude?
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  • Do you think this is really rude?

    So I'm sharing a house with my brother and his family. We share everything including the refrigerator. Well, the wife often would put signs on the food saying "This is for a party" "This is for so and so" I guess to tell me not to eat them. I find this pretty rude considering she never goes grocery shopping and never spends a dime on food even though my brother gives her a large allowance every month. She doesn't even throw out the trash cause she's apparently the Princess and I'm her servant. So how rude is this Beeeotch?
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  • Should this older gentleman be ignored around this high school girl, or not?

    Best answer: You should ask her how she feels about the situation. If she has a problem with it, talk to the manager, not her parents. If she is fine with it leave it alone. Her parents trust her to be able to handle a job and dealing with people so there's no reason to insert yourself in this by saying something to her parents.
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  • Why was the security at the store stalking me when I wasn't doing anything?

    I noticed this twice. Yesterday it looked like an 'undercover' security was following me around, he wore a black hat and polo shirt and seemed like he was on a bluetooth device and was watching and following me. I have NO idea what I could have done wrong since i was hardly even in there. I was doing nothing wrong and literally minding my own business and i simply just walked in the store and noticed him. I'm a GIRL btw. Today at a different store, i noticed a similar situation. I was not doing anything and simply JUST walked in and like 2 minutes shortly after I saw a security walk over to look at me. I felt very insulted and uncomfortable. I left shortly after on both occasions. I'm no threat and never stole anything. Why is this happening? I NEVER did anything wrong. I wonder if its because of the way I dress or something? I'm a girl so what can I be doing wrong? They did not follow me out or check my bags or talk to me so I wonder what was this all about? I'm a good customer and always pay for my stuff. So i wonder WTF was I being treated this way? Help?
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  • If you saw someone steal from a store would you tell someone. This person is an African male who may bash you?

    Best answer: The race wouldn't matter to me, but I would call the police after the person had left.

    That way, they could find the person but without endangering me.
    9 answers
  • Why do other women have to do everything in groups, what’s wrong with going to the gym alone, or to the mall, or a movie, or coffee?

    Are they so codependent they have to have friends at ALL times I have friends!! But do many things he alone and may get looks from other women like “ what a loser” Should I ignore them ??
    7 answers
  • If you accidentally broke something of someone else’s, do you have to pay for it?

    Best answer: Out of courtesy, you should replace it...
    18 answers