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  • Autozone read the code on my car. Is this what needs fixed?

    I had autozone read the code for my check engine light and this came up. I have a misfire in cylinder 6. I also have a bad map sensor it says. Along with idle air control valve. Does that mean the misfire WILL stop if I replace those or is it something else still? Am I better off taking it to my local shop to have ten diagnose it or are they gonna tell me the same thing?
    10 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Drivers license and registration are suspended for 3 months what can I do to still drive?

    25 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration
  • Is drivers insurance active when license is invalid?

    15 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration
  • How much longer can i go without getting an oil change?

    Best answer: quite unbelievable some of these answers europe and uk .you would change your oil every year ..or 12000 miles minimum ...and the oil is the same as yours ...AUDI in europe now do oil service every 2 years ..or 19000 miles have zero to worry about
    29 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How to take perfect care of a car?

    I'm going to be buying my first car soon. I want to take really good care of it, but I know absolutely nothing about cars. Do you have any tips? Where can I learn how to take perfect care of my car?
    23 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Will battery water freeze in cold temps?

    Car batteries have distilled water in them doesnt this freeze?
    20 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Is car insurance for a 16 year old NEW driver different from..say a 29 year old NEW driver?

    Best answer: Yes, and it can be summed up in two words.... maturity and experience. That is why car insurance premiums sharply drops when you turn 26. It is based on the driver not only being older, but also having 10 years experience. Not that everyone starts at 16, but the fact that you can legally drive at 16. 29? Just adding 3 more years experience under your belt. Just remember that experience generally makes you a better driver, so premiums are lower.
    27 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration
  • Should I still pay for my parking ticket?

    I got in a car accident a few days ago and my car was a total loss so I sold it to a junk yard. I have a parking ticket that is due for payment next week but i’m not sure if i should i pay for a car that doesn’t even exist anymore?
    22 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration
  • What happens if my car is stolen following an accident before an estimate on the accident has been made?

    Best answer: that is a good question. I would say if they totaled it you would get Kelly Blue book value but if they had not seen it yet unknown. Was it really stolen or was it taken to a wrecking yard by the police? I am sure you are not stupid and tried to find it. This a question I am going to ponder for awhile. Hope it works out in your favor. soon
    11 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration
  • Driver Licence Schedule required?

    I live in Texas. So do i have to schedule a driving test or can i go early in the morning like when they open?
    10 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration
  • Is it possible to get my tickets reduced?

    I was driving my friends car tonight. He was unfamiliar with the area and where we needed to go so I offered to drive his car. During the trip we were pulled over. Turns out he had many unpaid parking tickets, an expired registration, and a suspended license. He was also unaware of this, because he was away at boot camp and was allowing his mother to drive his car. I was issued 5 tickets because of this. Unregistered motor vehicle, fld/surrender susp/revoked/lic reg, fld/ surr/ lic/reg plates/rev-art7,oper/permit oper/lic/reg rev art 7, and operating while registration susp/revoked. He does not have the funds to pay for his outstanding balance before the court date. Is there anyway I will be able to get any fines reduced or dismissed in court? I am so upset especially because this was not even my doing and I was totally unaware. Please help!
    15 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration
  • Is it normal to smell raw gas all day after filling up at a station?

    I have a 1995 Ford F-150 (5.0) pickup. I ve been noticing these past several months that every time I get gas, I can smell a strong gas odor around the outside of my truck. Not constant, just off and on. It s not coming inside the cab, just outside. Can gas still smell several months after a tank overflows? Because several months ago, I overfilled the tank and gas was pouring out underneath. Ever since then, I only fill my tanks to the 3/4 mark (if I wrote that right). And it hasn t happened anymore. I haven t noticed any gas dripping on the ground. I have a brand new fuel filter. I checked the trouble codes, and none of the codes have anything to do with fuel. Mostly smog related stuff, such as a purge cannister failure etc. Which I ve been told by multiple people is nothing to worry about.
    28 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How many miles is too many for yoy when buying a used vehicle?

    Best answer: I stay under 200K miles. 100K is about the sweet spot; I can more reliably get another 150K miles out of a car with 100K miles that is in good shape than out of one with 50K miles. At 50K miles it is hard to tell how the car has been treated; at 100K miles it is hard to hide.
    15 answers 2 weeks ago Buying & Selling
  • What is a good age to finance a vehicle?

    Best answer: there is no magic number for anything just when you feel comfortable doing it. I am 27 and just financed my first car a few months ago. Prior to that I was in college and grad school full time with shitty part time jobs, then i had to do an apprenticeship. So for me it was better to just have a used car to get from point a to point b until i was a little more comfortable. Pay all your bills on time and make sure your credit score is good otherwise you may need a cosigner. adding a car payment has not effected my life at all because i planned for it for a while. plenty of people had bought cars before me but they had different circumstances leading to that decision. I am super anal when it comes to money and spending so i like to plan a lot and not spend much lol others were willing to spend more earlier on on a new car. just depends on you!
    13 answers 2 weeks ago Buying & Selling
  • 18 Year Old Male Car Insurance!?!?

    I'm turning 18 soon and will be going off to college. The college I'm looking at is dirt cheap with some scholarships they gave me, so I'm thinking of getting a loan on a nice car for my birthday, as my current car is due to explode any day now. I'm looking at a 2012 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4WD. I have no accidents, no tickets, and good grades. However, State Farm is quoting me $480 a month for the following: $25,000/$50,000 Injury $25,000 Property Comprehensive ($2,000 Deductible) Collision ($2,000 Deductible) $25,000/$50,000 Uninsured Coverage Emergency Road Service This seems absurd for such a car. In 42 Months (Well before paying off the car) I would have already paid more in insurance than such a car would even be worth (About $20,000). Any idea why this is, and how I can make this cheaper? The $400/month or so car payment I could manage, but adding this absurd insurance wouldn't make it work. The problem is, most any 4WD vehicle under $10,000 or so are often so beat up you're not going to get much life out of them.
    37 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration
  • Would you travel 90 miles to work and back every day ?

    14 answers 2 weeks ago Commuting
  • Car auction?

    I found a 2013 mustang gt 5.0 that has water flood damage title but says run and drive verified on, should I buy it?
    14 answers 2 weeks ago Buying & Selling
  • Someone hit my parked car? I only have basic insurance?

    Best answer:

    Michigan has what they call the mini tort rule.

    Say you are in an accident, then if (not) at fault, then the at fault driver/insurance can (only) pay you $1,000 for your damages which in “effect” is your deductible under collision and the (balance) is paid by (your) insurance.

    So, if you (don’t) have collision coverage, then the (most) you can collect is $1,000.

    But, you got lucky in this case, since there is an exception in this rule and that is (if) your vehicle was parked when hit. So, in this (exception), then the at fault charger’s insurance would owe to fix your vehicle or if it is totaled, then pay you fair market value.
    12 answers 2 weeks ago Insurance & Registration
  • Should I change the transmission fluid?

    Hey so I’ve got a 2001 Ford Escape V6 XLT V6. The car used to be my mom’s then she gave it to me my senior year of high school. I graduated in 2015 and the car is still going with almost 220,000 miles. I don’t know if the car has ever had the transmission changed or not. I remember her taking it to a transmission specialist but I don’t know what was done and neither does she. I’m starting a new job this week and I’d like to change the fluids and any filters, I typically change the oil every other month, Fill the coolant, and change the oil/fuel filters every few months. But the trans fluid I typically don’t mess with because I remember reading that changing it can cause damage. What is the difference between the flush and a change? The fluid is brown which means it’s burnt. Should I drain it and fill it back up?
    17 answers 2 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs