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  • Help with the death of my Nan?

    I don’t want to sound insensitive in any way and it’s difficult for me to say without feeling guilty, but for me, my nan died years ago. She developed a stroke and after years of recovering (while I was very young) she had another stroke on her other side of the body. After this she was paralysed, she couldn’t talk, walk, eat or even smile. She was dead on the outside. After getting over how sad it was and accepting the fact that she would likely die after a few weeks (which we were told) everything went back to normal. We’re now at a point (5 years after she became paralysed) that we have discovered she will likely die. I know for my dad it is very very hard, she has seen him everyday since she became ill and she is one of the most important women in his life. I know for me, if she were to die, I wouldn’t be upset, and it wouldn’t affect me too much (which sounds awful) and I know my dad will notice this and I don’t want him to think I don’t care, I just don’t know what to say. If she does die, I really have no idea what to say/do to help my dad, I’m so young and have no experience in death, for me, this whole thing is scary and I don’t know what to do for him, now and (if she does pass) what to do after...
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  • Ladies, what would you do if you discovered that your boyfriend enjoyed wearing high heels?

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  • I recently discovered my wife has contacted an ex-lover and had a few brief sexting conversations. How do I approach her?

    I've been happily married for my wife for over 20+ years. We've had our ups and downs over the years, but I've always been faithful to her, and her to me, or at least I thought. I recently found that she found an ex-lover and had a few conversations talking about possible having phone sex as well as talking about bjs with him. She's been hesitant to perform bjs for me over the years, saying she had bad memories from being forced, yet the conversation indicated fond memories. How can I confront her about this and find out why she did this, and if the things she talked about are true, and why won't see do them with me. The conversation hurt, it has also flared my jealousy since the things she talked about, the memes she sent him, is how I've wanted her to be with me. When I try to send things like that I get shut down. I'm confused, angry, jealous, depressed... I want to know why, but I don't want to lose her either. We have children as well. I still love her, just not sure if she truly still loves me.
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  • Whats your opinion on the situation with the little boy who got bullied (Keaton Jones)?

    This little boy seems innocent in my eyes. His parents are obviously racist but that shouldnt take away from this little boy and what hes's been put through. What pisses me off is the mother posting it online like shes innocent herself. Someone whose racist IS A BULLY. i can't take this world we live in anymore.
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  • Are you single, married or in a relationship?

    And how old are you?
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  • Why do girls seem to hate white guys now?

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  • Should I send a video to my boyfriend masturbating?

    I'm 19!!! I don't think this is a good idea. I'm kind of paranoid about certain things kept on my phone. I'm also worried about what if, one of my parents catch me? It would be kind of embarrassing being caught with my legs wide open like that. What if someone hacks my phone & take my video & post it on different sites? He makes it so important for me to do it. Idk, I thought about doing it just to turn him on. I'm not try to be narcissistic but, I am obsessed with my body. Should I make a video? And no, i'm not making this up. He really wants me to do this. My friends told me no.
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  • I 17, but I want sex now. Should I do it?

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  • Do you make friends easily?

    Am I your friend?
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  • Poll true or false you will never have kids?

    Best answer: True
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  • Sex related? Only serious answers.?

    Question. If a female is having sex standing up like bent over a counter and they *** along with their partner (who's wearing a condom) and then see clear liquid dripping down her leg is that from her or the guy?
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  • Am I missing out?

    So I m a 9th grade girl and I have no friends what so ever. Nobody talks to me and I m basically ignored. Whenever I come home I just do homework exercise and go to sleep. Nobody texts or calls me but my family. I ve never gone to a sleepover or a party since 3rd grade. I m just afraid of talking and I can t talk in public because I have selective mutism and people think I m weird. I feel like I m missing out out because everyone is getting boyfriends and hanging out and having fun. And I m just pent up in my room on the weekends reading or sleeping. I m tired of it. I m tired of feeling insignificant. I ve tried to make friends I just don t know how to conversate. I m tired of eating lunch in the bathroom. I m not living the life I want. I want to die I feel so worthless at times. Like at PE people always give me mean looks because i just stand against the wall. Today I skipped PE and am sitting in the bathroom crying. I don t know what to do. I just want one friend!!!! That s all I ask for. What s the point. What do I do
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  • Regret having sex for first time (20yo female)?

    Best answer: Learn from this, forgive yourself, rise up and choose to save yourself from now until marriage. If you do, you'll never regret it.

    Here’s some information about sex before marriage from the books True Love Lasts and Straight Talk About Dating:

    Having sex before marriage can be harmful to you and to your future. This harm could possibly include things like:

    - not feeling good about yourself

    - finding out that having sex causes people to become emotionally attached way too quickly

    - sex becoming the main focus of your relationship

    - finding out that having sex makes people ignore serious problems in the person they’re dating - serious problems that could destroy a marriage

    - failing to realize that dating relationships which have sex as their main focus usually don’t last - until the relationship falls apart

    - not learning to have real communication with each other, to be in touch with the your positive and negative feelings and the feelings of your significant other, to resolve conflicts in a calm constructive manner, to really get to know what your significant other is like in all situations because you’re spending too much time having sex

    - not feeling good about choosing to have sex after your boyfriend or girlfriend says “I love you” and then later finding out he or she was lying to you just to get sex or he or she just has the feeling of being “in love” instead of true love (true love is supposed to be a lifelong commitment)

    - feeling that you need to keep having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend or else they’ll break up with you - even though you don’t feel good about it

    - finding out that having sex makes people stay in dating relationships much longer than they should

    - making the bad choice to stay in a relationship that you know isn’t good for you because you’re having sex

    - being broken hearted after your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you

    - becoming an angry person after having your heart broken

    - becoming depressed or possibly even suicidal after having your heart broken (please see a professional counselor immediately if you feel depressed or suicidal)

    - feeling that you can’t trust anyone anymore after you’ve had your heart broken

    - feeling horrible that you broke your boyfriend or girlfriend’s heart when you broke up with them

    - getting into the habit of jumping from one sexual relationship to another looking for true love and sadly never finding it

    - getting a sexually transmitted disease

    - getting pregnant

    - becoming a single mother (guys often don’t marry their pregnant girlfriends)

    - having a child who doesn’t have a stable male role model in their life

    - becoming more hesitant about making a lifelong marriage commitment to another person after having your heart broken

    - ending up having problems relating sexually to your husband or wife in marriage because of the sex you had with them (and possibly with others) before marriage

    - becoming divorced (statistics show that couples who have sex before marriage are more likely to get divorced than couples who don’t have sex before marriage)

    (Please remember that you eventually want a 50 or 60 year marriage - not a 5 or 10 year marriage.)

    Hope this helps!

    PS “If it’s a good choice to have sex before marriage, then why doesn’t hardly anyone who waited for marriage say they wish they hadn’t waited? - and why do so many people who didn’t wait eventually say they wish they would’ve waited?” A strong man will choose to put aside his sexual desires before marriage because he knows it's best for the long-term health of the relationship.

    PPS My first suggestion is that you put in the effort necessary to become a strong person (if you’re not already). A strong person has good character (honesty, integrity, trustworthiness), a positive attitude (cheerful, caring, friendly, forgiving, helpful, and respectful), fulfills their responsibilities (for handling pains in a positive way, for always trying to make a good choice, for taking care of themselves, for serving others), puts forth their best effort, and displays self-control (of their body, anger, tongue and money).

    My second suggestion is that you eventually look for this type of person (otherwise you are setting yourself up for a broken heart). Unfortunately this type of person is difficult to find – but save yourself the heartache and don’t settle for less.

    It sounds like you might need some professional counseling to help you talk through this (the depressed and panicky feelings). It's often available for little or no fee through health insurance. Almost everyone needs counseling at some point in their lives.
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  • My guy friend and I have had sexual interactions but he acts like it means nothing?

    I really have feelings for my best friend and we kiss and make out and I’ve gone down on him a few times before but he tells me he feels comfortable around me enough to do that type of stuff and it doesn’t mean nothing. He has no idea I like him but he’s told me we’re to close and too alike to ever be together I feel like he’s not being honest with me.. I don’t wanna tell him how I feel, that’s literally not an option.
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  • Is it inappropriate to not attend a family gathering because of my sister's fiance?

    My sister is recently engaged to a man who none of my family likes. He is loud, rude, and talks about things that are completely inappropriate for mixed company. (Eg: Talking about his brothers girlfriends "orifices".) He treats my 7 year old terrible, even calling him stupid at one point. Him and I have gotten in to spats before but I try to avoid him. My parents and sister all see that there is a problem but none are willing to stand up to him. My sister is coming for Christmas this year and her fiance is coming with. Would it be rude of me to not attend to avoid confrontation with him? My mom is constantly saying I'd better get used to it because he is here to stay. I think i shouldn't have to have him in my life if I don't want to.
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  • My best friend who is dying from cancer wants to get married to her Boyfriend before she dies, is that unreasonable?

    My best friend who got diagnosed with brain cancer wants her boyfriend to marry her before she dies as it’s her dream to get married in her life. They have been a couple for 9 years since they are 14yo. Her boyfriend agreed without any hesitation as he loves her a lot. They even bought a pair of wedding bands. Honestly, it’s kinda weird, to say the least. Is there anything I should do? Thanks.
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  • How did you cope after your parents passed away?

    Did part of you and love for life die also?
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  • I feel my own mother is bad for me, no matter how much effort I put in she makes me feel awful?

    So I've been living away from home as an adult for a few years now. But it is nearly Christmas and naturally my mother expects me to come visit over Christmas. I'd be a terrible person if I left her alone at christmas right? Well by seeing her every Christmas my dad is alone every Christmas and I love my dad and he has always done everything for me, but he always accepts everything and as such I end up spending every Christmas with my mother because ultimately I fear her. But whenever I am with her it is never enough. She never asks anything about me but just moans about her life not letting me get a word in edge ways. It is always trying to make me guilty for not seeing her enough. I get that she is lonely. But ultimately she doesnt like me, she cannot. She only wants me because I fear her and will do as she says. She shows no interest in me, knows nothing about me, never asks me a single question and has always talked over me whenever I have tried to tell her anything. She simply drives all energy out of me, makes me just feel like a useless human and makes me want to give up on life completely. I just cannot stand being around her. She always will say she's my mother, that I should do everything for her because of that. But even in my memories as a kid i would try get her attention but she's just be emailing people. All my childhood good memories are with my dad, or friends. Yet I feel i just have to go to her for the full Christmas period leaving my dad alone
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  • I am over 40 years old and just dated a few guys all my life. Is it weird to tell the new guy I am dating? What will he think of me?

    Best answer: The solution to your self-imposed dilemma is in the text of your question: New guy. You are under no obligation to tell him anything you don't want to disclose to him. That will come later if the relationship moves forward. For now keep it light, keep it simple, and get to know one another. As an aside: if you are age forty and have been on a date with only a few guys he's going to find that a positive thing: By the age of forty it is assumed that a person of either gender will have had multiple partners since the age of eighteen or so. And if he's a keeper he will tell you that he has no concern for the past, only for the present and possibly the future.
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  • Why is these days that it seems like less than half of the population wants marriage and kids?

    Best answer: Cost of living has gone way up even if your well off or rich it's expensive to have kids,
    marriage is a risky money pit if your wife cheats on you with some Arabian or Mexican guy she met on a site like Ashley Madison it's going to cost you big you have to pay the lawyers for court ($600-$850 an hour) pay her child support if you have kids pay for an apartment if you move out plus food, bills, gas for car it doesn't end.

    Who needs that kind of stress in their life? happy being a single myself!
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