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  • Do you believe in love at first sight?

    125 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • I had sex when I wasn't ready, what should I do?

    I've been with my boyfriend for a couple of months. We hadn't had sex yet because I wasn't ready. I'd only had sex once before, at a party in high school, and the guy dumped me the next day. So the next time I wanted to wait until I was in love. Then I started dating this guy, and I wouldn't have sex right away so he asked if I was a virgin. I told him no and told him about the one time I'd had sex in high school and that I wanted to be in love for the next time. He said he would wait, but he's been getting impatient. A couple of nights ago, we were just kissing, and he started sliding his hand under my bra and running his hand over my bare breasts. I told him to stop, and he got annoyed and said I obviously don't like him and maybe he should find someone else. Then I got scared. He then asked if I would have sex with him just once, just give it a chance. He said "it's not like you're a virgin anyway." So I agreed because I didn't want him to leave. He immediately started ripping my clothes off and putting his hands and mouth all over my body. He went down on me for a while, which was weird and not pleasurable, as all he did was stick his tongue inside me and thrash it around randomly. Then, he asked if I was ready and he got on top and we had sex. After he was done, he fell asleep, and I got my clothes and just left. I went to my room and just cried. I felt so dirty and used. He's been calling, but I don't want to talk to him. What should I do?
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  • Who is the most handsome dude who have ever lived? And why the answer is me?

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  • Just found out that my boyfriend cheated on me with his best friend?

    Ok, so here's what happened. Basically, I've known my boyfriend for a long time and I've crushed on him for years... probably since fifth grade? We actually got together in seventh grade, when he told me had feelings for me and I was so happy. We've had so many great times together, we did have the occasional disagreement but we were good. Now, I'm a junior and I just recently discovered that he's been cheating on me with his best friend for the past year (PROBABLY around the time when we were sophomores) and I've just been destroyed. I found out when we were at a party last week, and I saw them kiss, but they didn't know I saw. Now here's where the story gets a bit complicated. His best friend has been his best friend since like, third grade, but they're also both guys. I'm so confused. I actually called up my ex-best friend who I haven't talked to in like three months and she actually told me that my boyfriend told me we broke up when we were sophomores) but that's not true. He's never broken up with me. He even went over to my house a few days before the party. Sorry if all of this sounds confusing, but I'm just so at lost what to do. It feels like I'm on a drama show, because suddenly, my life that made sense made NO sense at all. What do i do?? DO I confront my boyfriend??? Or his best friend??
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  • Would you date a sexy serial killer?

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  • Husband wants me to put on minibikini top with tiny c string in his friend's pool party?

    We will go to his friend's pool party today and he insists that i wear the mini bikini top that is only bit bigger than my nipples and tiny c string that i have to shave because it can barely cover my vagina area. There will be about 10 guys and i am one of the two females. I asked him why I need to dress like that and he said another girl will do the same too. my husband always tell me about his fantasy of seeing me naked in front of guys and creampied by a group of men. He will masturbate and fantasize about me being impregnanted by one of those guys without knowing who actually impregnates me. Will this pool party turns into the creampie reality? I don't know why but i think it is hot and kinda expect this will happen today like these guys just use me as a tool for sex and belittle me in front of my husband, and my husband does know that i am on ovulation now. Should I tell him about my feeling?
    20 answers 1 day ago Marriage & Divorce
  • I am a woman and I am not a feminist, is this wrong?

    193 answers 4 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Accidentally sent a dick pic to another girl and now afraid of getting blackmailed or shamed?

    I accidentally sent a dick pic to my crush's friend (names are identical) and now she has it...I told her to delete it and she said she did...But I cant believe her...She can use it later to blackmail me or take revenge on me... I told her to send her nudes as an insurance so that in case she leaks mine, I will leak hers....But she doesnt seem to agree with that idea.. I'm afriad and tensed now...What should I do? SHould I tell her mom that she has my nudes so that she can take action on her....
    14 answers 2 hours ago Family
  • True or False: When someone has no social skills it's their own fault that they get bullied?

    28 answers 2 days ago Friends
  • How should I punish my sister for breaking my laptop?

    28 answers 23 hours ago Family
  • Wife sleeps in another room when we have had a fight , isn't that childish?

    She is so sensitive that after we have had an argument , she wouldn't talk for a while and then would spend the night in another room , away from me . Whereas I think , the best way to resolve arguments is by cuddling ( make up sex would be even better ) but how would that be possible if she avoids me by sleeping away . Things go back to normal the next morning because she says , having her space , calms her down , but this behaviour is hurtful to me because this way we are spending a substantial number of nights apart ( atleast once a week ) . I want her to stop doing this altogether, what do you suggest
    46 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Do you love anyone?

    19 answers 6 hours ago Other - Family & Relationships
  • I can hear my parent having sex?

    They’re so bloody noisy it’s doing my head in , the bed is so loud , my bedrooms under theirs
    43 answers 2 days ago Family
  • Am I being too hard on my 12 yr old daughter?

    Best answer: IF THIS IS TO LONG THEN JUST READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH-I promise that it will work-
    To me, it sounds like SHE'S the bully...I can not stand disrespectful behavior, I find it to be extremely harmful to an environment, especially a household, but I would maybe tone down on the strict timing and other maybe overly strict rules, she is a child and needs to be allowed to live like one.

    I don't know anyone who actually ENJOYS getting up early, but I have a feeling that you either have talked to her the same way she talks to you now, or that you simply ignore it to continue trying to get your point across; either way, she clearly has not been disciplined well, I am only 21 years old but I have never and would never tell my mom to "go to hell" because language like that was never spoken in my house, and I respect how hard she has worked for me to be who I am. I was also given spankings (which I am aware is seen as child abuse now days) but let me tell ya nothing will set someone straight like a spanking....anyway, there is literally nothing that you can say that will change her behavior-that had to have been done the first 10 years of her life- she is now approaching her teen years and will only get worse. All you can do now is show her what being a lady and having a loving relationship with family is like.

    My advice? Spend time with her. QUALITY time. Buy some chick flicks, snacks, games, etc. Laugh and get to know and love one another. This time in her life is so valuable and should be a time in which you guys could become very close for the rest of your years together. As I previously mentioned, I am 21 and have had my fair share of mother-daughter issues with my mom, but take it from me, the time and love that she gave me was the best thing that could've happened to my relationship with her. Tell her daily how much she means to you, as doing so will make a world of difference to her, whether she makes it seem like it does or not.
    77 answers 3 days ago Family
  • Is it wrong to be with someone because they remind you of someone else. Someone you can never be with?

    10 answers 11 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • Are boobs supposed to be there for a distraction?

    59 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Would you be attracted to your spouse if they got fat?

    To put it bluntly, would you still love them if they gained a substantial amount of weight and stopped trying to look good for you? How would that make you feel?
    18 answers 7 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • I cheat on my wife with escorts. How can I make sure that she doesn't find out?

    28 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce