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  • Is it inappropriate to not attend a family gathering because of my sister's fiance?

    My sister is recently engaged to a man who none of my family likes. He is loud, rude, and talks about things that are completely inappropriate for mixed company. (Eg: Talking about his brothers girlfriends "orifices".) He treats my 7 year old terrible, even calling him stupid at one point. Him and I have gotten in to spats before but I try to avoid him. My parents and sister all see that there is a problem but none are willing to stand up to him. My sister is coming for Christmas this year and her fiance is coming with. Would it be rude of me to not attend to avoid confrontation with him? My mom is constantly saying I'd better get used to it because he is here to stay. I think i shouldn't have to have him in my life if I don't want to.
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  • I feel my own mother is bad for me, no matter how much effort I put in she makes me feel awful?

    So I've been living away from home as an adult for a few years now. But it is nearly Christmas and naturally my mother expects me to come visit over Christmas. I'd be a terrible person if I left her alone at christmas right? Well by seeing her every Christmas my dad is alone every Christmas and I love my dad and he has always done everything for me, but he always accepts everything and as such I end up spending every Christmas with my mother because ultimately I fear her. But whenever I am with her it is never enough. She never asks anything about me but just moans about her life not letting me get a word in edge ways. It is always trying to make me guilty for not seeing her enough. I get that she is lonely. But ultimately she doesnt like me, she cannot. She only wants me because I fear her and will do as she says. She shows no interest in me, knows nothing about me, never asks me a single question and has always talked over me whenever I have tried to tell her anything. She simply drives all energy out of me, makes me just feel like a useless human and makes me want to give up on life completely. I just cannot stand being around her. She always will say she's my mother, that I should do everything for her because of that. But even in my memories as a kid i would try get her attention but she's just be emailing people. All my childhood good memories are with my dad, or friends. Yet I feel i just have to go to her for the full Christmas period leaving my dad alone
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  • Boyfriend on drugs?

    my boyfriend of one year is 16, he moved to a really bad part of town a few months ago and has a really bad friend group. his dad has been doing drugs his whole life and now is getting my boyfriend into them as well. his dad is buying them every night and does them with my boyfriend. they try something different every night. first it was weed and alcohol and then ecstasy, molly, acid and shrooms. his dad does cocaine in front of him as well. my boyfriend doesn’t see anything wrong with doing the drugs for fun. but when he does them with his dad and all his friends he’s a total different person. his mom won’t take custody and he won’t leave his dad. he is now dealing drugs as well and has gotten hurt a few times and still won’t realize what he’s doing is wrong. if i try to get him away from that house and from his dad he gets mad. he was never like that before he moved to this town. now he’s never without his friends and never not high or on some kind of drugs. idk what to do because he won’t realize what he’s doing but it’s hurting him and our relationship and i’m scared. please give me suggestions.
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  • Would you allow your daughter to go to a co educational swimming session in gym class in middle/high school?

    or would you protest and be against it?
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  • Does homeschooling cause a lack of social skills?

    My 12 year old daughter is being physically bullied by a girl who comes from a very abusive family (now in foster care). The school suspended a few kids once, but they're not afraid to keep doing it. My daughter ignores all cruel comments, and tries to stay out of their way. I think she's pretty good at that - but at this point, they've done things that went too far. Schools can be filled with children with all sorts of behavioural issues. I'm deciding to start homeschooling my girl instead. However, I'm a bit concerned that she will lack peer interactions. There's always camping, sports, and activities though. She's made some close friends although they're usually younger or older than her. We decided it might be best for our child to homeschool for a few years to gain that experience, focus more on academics, and be in a safe environment.
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  • I overheard my dad talking **** about me?

    Just the other day, my dad found out I had severe depression. He started telling me how smart I am and that my family loves me. I believed him, which was unusual for me to do. Just today, i told him i needed help with math. He told me to get my laptop downstairs. I grabbed it and as I was walking up the stairs, I could hear him. He was calling me stupid and a bunch of other ****. I just froze there. I still cant even process it and i just... what do i do? I thought I could trust him.. he's my DAD...?
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  • How can I get my 6 year old brother to stop crying/whining over every little thing?

    Sometimes when I'm babysitting him and my sister, my sister would change the tv and he'd starts whinge over it and the next you know his whining turns into crying. Or when my mom or I tell him to go do something he'd whine over it. It gets really annoying.
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  • If a child does not see his father, what is his last name?

    A child whose father is not known will often take the last name of the mother. But what if the father is known, yet only the mother takes care of the child? Whose last name will the child typically take?
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  • My dad is depressed, help please?

    I’m using yahoo answers because I hate talking to my friends about my situation. I’m a 17 year old girl, I have two brothers 18 and 16. My mom passed away long time ago, when we were little kids. Now the problem is that dad is still affected by her death. He’s doesn’t show his depression when he’s around us but I can see him sometimes crying in the room looking at her pictures, he visits her grave and gets her flowers every day, he talks to her picture and it’s creeping me out. I know I shouldn’t be saying that and I really wish I can meet my mom but she’s no longer alive, I love my dad a lot and seeing him sad makes me feel very bad. I don’t want to lose him because he is my everything. I don’t know what to do to make him forget her or at least not think about her because it is affecting his health! Help please
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  • What do you do when you have a mother who’s jealous of you, because you’re living a life she never had?

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  • How to prove to my mom I'm not a quitter?

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  • Is this normal?

    I know there's a lot of fake questions like this on here, but I'm honestly scared and I don't know where else to ask. Ever since I turned 16, my dad constantly talks about my body and how beautiful I'm getting. He'll get offended or angry if i don't kiss or hug him goodbye or greet him. One time he put money in the back pocket of my jeans, which I found weird because he could've just handed it to me. He also talks about how "mature" my body is getting and how it's "developing beautifully". He acts the same way towards my older sister and we both find it creepy, but I feel like he does it more towards me. Is this normal?
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  • I got raped recently, should I tell my parents ?

    I'm 21, already went to the hospital and did the kit. It's just hard, it was really hard to tell my aunt. I don't know if I can tell my parents.
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  • What’s wrong with my 14 year old sister?

    So, I have a 14 year sister, Yes, 14. And she regularly screams extremely loud, has tantrums, bangs LOUDLY on doors and walls and tells parents to shut up at least twenty times a day. It’s driving me crazy, and it’s been happening for at lesst a year now. Today, my neighbours came over and complained about how their furniture is close to falling because of the banging and how they can’t sleep because of her, and after they left my sister yelled at us and screamed and broke a glass on the floor. My sister fights with my parents and they honestly scream for hours on end and there’s no where for me to go to ignore it. My dad is even going to leave our family because of her. I don’t know what to do, and I can’t put up with this much longer. My sister is very narcissistic, and is now crying because she HONESTLY has no idea what she is doing wrong and why people hate her. The only excuse she has is that “she’s only a child”(no) and that she didn’t do anything wrong. She also takes anxiety medication for her hypocondria but it also isn’t working because she constantly thinks she has cancer (which she doesnt but thats a whole different story). I could go on and on with this but does anyone have any advice.
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  • My wife wants to do a poo on me wtf?

    So my wife propositioned me last night about a kinky fetish/fantasy of hers to squat over me naked and take a big firm poo on my chest. Like wtf , I said I will think about it but what should I do?
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  • How can I be sure my gran is dead?

    She's collapsed on the couch and there are empty beer bottles all around her, so she might just be drunk. I can't find a pulse, but then again, I can't find my own either.
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  • My dad and sister are highly educated. my mom is just a housewife. They both together always make fun of my mom. I feel very bad. What to do?

    I am 19 and stilll studying
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  • Is it bad to feel resentful of my parents for being overprotective?

    My parents are loving and wonderful people, and have given me lots of things. However, as I am getting older I'm starting to feel resentful toward them because they are overprotective to an unhealthy point. I live at college where one would expect I'd be able to do anything I want, but I can't. My parents track my phone, I can't have a car, and they can't stand anybody I bring to our house for stupid *** reasons. I'm not being ungrateful, like I said they're very great people. But I really wish this charade would stop. I'm starting to not enjoy being home because every second I'm reminded of what bothers me about them. Because of how overprotective they are I'm slutty and do stupid things all too often
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  • My step father walked in on me?

    It was 3 am in the morning and I thought my parents was asleep, so unfortunately I let myself go to the bathroom without locking the door, but then I heard my step father's steps and I immidiately streched my shirt and hide my down there- as I get up to lock it but before I could do that he opened the door and I grabbed the handle and tried to close it but he was stronger than me and didn't let me close it, I tried closing it many times but he kept pulling it, not to add in he had the audacity to look down there while I was protesting to let me close that damn door and he was furious too because apparently I scared him, I felt so ashamed and angry at myself and at him too for not letting me close that door because of that he saw my private part, and he also had the audacity to get angry! I'm probably overreacting but I just had to get this out my chest
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